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Lunch, Snacks and Coffee Breaks


In the vicinity of the TU Berlin, there are many different restaurants from fast food to gourmet restaurants. The Mensa of the TU Berlin also offers plenty of opportunities for lunch at moderate prizes. A re-chargeable Mensa card can be purchased (including 1,50 € refundable deposit) in the Mensa building during the conference. Information about the location and menus of the Mensa can be found here:

A list of nearby restaurants is available at the information desk. Various cafeterias are located in the main building (H), the mathematics building (MA), and the architecture building (A).

In Pavilion A (tent) you can find the industrial exhibition of physical equipment and literature and poster area F. Coffee, tea and beverages are offered there as well as various snacks. Please use of this offer and also visit the exhibition stands.

Coffee, tea and beverages are offered during all breaks in the Main Building (H), the Main Annex (EB), the Physics Building (EW), the Mathematics Building (MA), the Chemistry (C) and Technical Chemistry Building (TC), the Architecture Building (A), the High Frequency Engineering Building (HFT), and the Mining Building (BH-N).