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Communication / Internet Access


For using the Wireless LAN network in the TU Berlin, guest accounts will be provided to you. You will receive the login and password with your registration. TU Berlin offers instructions for getting access to the WiFi at

Please connect your WiFi device to the network “TUB-Guest”. Open a browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer) and you will be automatically redirected to the login site. Please enter the guest username and the corresponding password (case sensitive) into the login form. After the confirmation of the terms of service you are online and enabled to surf in the web or to read e-mails.

If your home university is part of the eduroam union, you can access the TU Berlin WLAN “eduroam” using your own eduroam account. Please assure that you have installed the three certificates which can be found on the mentioned website.

There will be a WLAN help desk in the lobby of the Main Building near H 0104.  Since the WLAN network of TU Berlin is not designed for parallel connection with high data transmission of several thousand users, there will be PC pools available in the Main Building (H 3017) and the Physics Building (EW 019), too. In these PC pools you can also connect your own laptop to the internet.